Updated: Congrats to Swift Shopper for Winning the Mac Book Pro Giveaway

Updated: Congrats to Swift Shopper for Winning the Mac Book Pro Giveaway

Posted on April 15, 2013 Congrats to Swift Shopper for winning the Mid-2010 Mac Book Pro Giveaway. Their essay and picture will be posted in the near future. Thanks again all and keep an eye out for our next giveaway. Below is the essay and photo taken of our winner. Congrats again.


A domino effect of fallen boxes begins my trip with four children to the supermarket. I move away, venturing to find something I've never bought before. As I search, my two-year-old begins to hand me a bag of sugar, salt, cornmeal and oregano. My six-year-old has uncontrollable wiggles and knocks a glass of olive oil off the shelf, shattering it on the ground. "Ok guys! Let's get out of here. I have most of what I need...I think!"

We rush into the shortest line only to see a little old lady trying to figure out where her 25 cent coupon went. I begin to place my items on the conveyor belt. As I'm loading the items my 6-year-old is begging me for M&Ms and there seems to be 3 more little items I didn't want. "Put them back, please!" My focus is back to the conveyor belt. Two of my kids are now sitting on the floor. "Gross, stand up!" The bagger asks if I want paper or plastic. "Plastic is fine." He starts by squishing my bread. "Ugh! I hate shopping!"

You've either seen it or experienced it. This is why I created Swift Shopper! With Swift Shopper, the scenario has changed. My kids pick up my items and help me find the bar code to scan. We are now playing with the iPhone. I now use recycling totes for bags. I've gone green and my bread is not being squished! At the checkout, I hand the cashier my phone. She scans the bar codes immediately. My children have my full attention. The cashier checks my items to the receipt; I swipe my credit card; we are out of there. "This is the way to shop! Thank Goodness for Swift Shopper!"

I am developing this app and writing this essay on a computer missing it's up arrow key, the page down key and the J key. The cord has to be set perfectly or the computer turns off because the battery is so old it won't hold a charge. I could really use a MacBook

Picture included below!