New Additions to Monster Mobile Marketing (Coming Soon)

New Additions to Monster Mobile Marketing (Coming Soon)

Posted on July 16, 2013

Monster Mobile Marketing is proud to announce that we will be switching our site over to Wordpress in the very near future that will be adding new sections such as; Steam game reviews, a new Monster Store area, a promo code drop section, and an user interactive rating system that will allow website visitors to rate, leave their own reviews, as well as comments to Monster reviews that have been completed by our Monster team. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the new and improved Monster experience.

We encourage our current App Collage members as well as visitors to scroll around the collage, click on icons and download/rate apps in an effort to support independent developers with us. Some of the main questions we see on a daily basis is:

Q1: Are you a legit app advertising company?
A1: Yes indeed, not only do we have great experience in the App ecosystem but we are also Independent App Developers ourselves.

Q2: Why purchase space on the App Collage?
A2: Other than mass marketing on a large scale, the ad space on the App Collage gives you 2 - 3 marketing spaces on our website and a high percentage of our visitors go directly to the App Collage page. Also we've been in talks with some very large mainstream media outlets that have informed us that if the App Collage really picks up steam and gets near completion an article will be done hitting a huge target audience out in front of the public eye.

Q3: What is the ROI on an App Collage ad space?
A3: This is our most asked question by far and the only real answer here is it really boils down to value of the app and whether or not you've purchased a $90 space that allows you to receive an add-on video review to show your app in action for potential customers to get a better idea of your app. ROI always varies in this nature based on what visitors are looking for.

Q4: What is your website traffic like and how much reach do you guys have?
A4: Currently we average anywhere from 1.2 - 1.6k website hits per day and we're still considered in some eyes as a newer company in terms of app reviewing, however we have taken the extra time (months) to specifically target app developers as well as people interested in technology and apps overall. So with that said our reach is far across our social networks and contacts making our fan base extremely strong and loyal.

In terms of the App Collage that is currently running, we are running strong with 65 current members that have picked up Ad space. Our App Collage is a one time fee for an app developer to place their app icon or image to our collage that will remain live on our site until many years after it's completion. Our App Collage also has a total of $15,000 in donations going out to great organizations as well as $5,000 going to the developer or company with the largest pixel count upon completion of the App Collage. Please keep in mind we are a 2 man company at the moment and get flooded with FREE request for reviews on a daily basis so we are urging developers to join us on the App Collage and join a great cause. Our new promos for the collage are as follows; any order of $10, $40 will automatically receive a FREE written review with screenshots live on our website with a great turnaround time. Any orders $90 and above automatically receive a FREE professional video review of their app in action which is vital in indie developers gaining more attention to their apps. Here is a video that will answer any possible questions developers may have. Join us here on the App Collage today: App Collage / Mash Up. Enjoy.