App Collage Weekly Spotlight App

App Collage Weekly Spotlight App

Posted on December 29, 2015 Welcome to all,

We are proud to announce that starting January 3rd, 2016 we will be highlighting a random App Collage member every week that will automatically receive a 2 week premium banner on our front page as well as tons of social media coverage across all of our networks that include well over 10 million active mobile users just waiting to check out new apps. More details to follow.

- 400 pixel purchases get a professional written review.

- 900 pixel purchases receive a professional written/ video demo of their app.

- 1200 pixel purchases receive a written/ video professional and a video skype developer interview to be posted to our news section.

Monster Mash-Up is a project put together to maximize visibility of apps & websites with app related content. Each box on the board consist of a 100 pixels. It's .10 per pixel making each box only $10 to place an icon/logo/image on. Overall it is a collage of app icons, app websites, or even app screenshots, that when a visitor hovers over a particular space, the title of the app/website would appear and if the visitor clicked on the image then it would take them directly to the app download page or website. This is a cheap and effective way to market your app or website and at the same time be apart of an exclusive project. We view this as a group marketing venture. We will also be adding a novelty twist at the end of this, once the board is filled completely we will be having a company screen print the entire board onto T-shirts & framed posters for people to purchase and show off their accomplishment of being an app developer or owner of an app related website. In our personal opinion falling under one of those categories it puts you as a developer or website owner in somewhat of an exclusive group. Cheers to all and we look forward to seeing you on the Mash Up board. Watch the walk through video below. Thank you.