Posted on January 13, 2016 Let's get ready to RUMBLE... Here at Monster Mobile Marketing we had the pleasure today to do the written review for our newest App Collage member with their hilarious IOS app, Rumbly that allows users to sign in and begin recording their own farts and broadcast them for the world to hear and enjoy. Each fart is measured by the companies patent pending Rumblemeter for a scored blast of enjoyment. Some of the awesome perks to this app besides the obvious great sense of humor are you can literally broadcast them to the app it self for other users to listen to, share via email, Instagram, Twitter, and even text message. How's that for a what's happening kinda message? This is by far one of the funniest and best apps I have had the pleasure of reviewing since starting Monster Mobile Marketing.

Overall, what more can you say about the IOS app Rumbly? If you have a great sense of humor and secretly laugh at people farting then this is certainly the app you want to for hours of pure enjoyment where you can also take fart, I mean part in competing worldwide with other gassy folks. The one thing that was missing from the app that I was looking forward to was the ability to share to Facebook but I'm hoping to see that in a future version. You definitely need to check out this free app and join the world in sharing your polluted air for tons of fun. All honesty I really was wish I was able to do a video review as I ripped off a few MONSTER FARTS of my own just in playing with the app for this review. Look me up on there at MonsterMike and share a Rumbly with the best.

Monster Rating

App Details
Price: FREE
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 8.0 MB
Store Category: Entertainment

Developer: Howpt Media
Website:Click Here

App Link: Available on iTunes App Store

Developers Description

Share Rumbles and Alert the ones you love!

Feel A Rumble Coming?
Each Rumble is recorded and analyzed using the patent pending Rumblemeter™.

Our state of the art, patent pending Rumblemeter™ was developed by the pioneer Dr. Howpt as an early detection system for slow moving rumblings. The government soon funded his research and commissioned him to develop a national system for public safety. Dr. Howpt’s Rumblemeter™ is a direct result of this research.

The Rumblemeter™
Dr. Howpt's state of the art, patent pending technology will analyze the Rumble and inform you of the Rumble Scale score..

The Rumble Scale
The Rumblemeter™ measures the Rumble to output a score of 1-10 on the Rumble Scale.

Replay Rumble
Listen to Rumbles over and over and over again!

Alert Your Emergency Broadcast Networks
SMS - Nothing Says You Care More
Email- Modern Day Pony Express
Twitter – The Quickest Way to Spread Rumbles
Instagram – Rumble-Vision

Broadcast Alert
Share your Rumble on the Recent Rumbles Feeds and push notifications to your friends!

Recent Rumbles
Compare and share Rumbles from your friends and around the world! Listen to rumbles, see rumble scores, and send rumbles on SMS, Email, Twitter, and Instagram!

Most Active
Do you have what it takes to make the top spot on Active Rumblers?

Rumble Notification
Get push notifications when your friends Rumble so you have time to take cover! Can you beat their score?

We listen to your feedback and are constantly improving. Please contact us to tell us how we can make Rumbly better!

***Advertising Disclosure***

The developer “Howpt Media” and the App “Rumbly ” are paid advertisers on Furthermore, we at Monster Mobile Marketing attempt to present you, the users, with the best Apps. Some Apps may be featured as a “CRAP APP”; however, they will be clearly marked as a CRAP APP.