Block Amok

Block Amok

Posted on July 15, 2015 Block Amok is one of my new favorite games for your iPhones & iPads on the App Store at the perfect price of FREE. The object to the game is to knock over as many parts to different structures as possible while you're equipped with a cannon with a set amount of ammo to smash a certain amount of blocks per level. The game play mechanics are perfect in which your sheep that fires the cannon at structures can circle around a train track to get strategic shots in order to do the most damage. With endless amounts of puzzles, loads of unlockable rewards including rare piggy banks you can smash for grand rewards, and weapons, Block Amok will keep you busy for hours on end. Block Amok lets you connect via Facebook to brag amongst your friends as well as cruising up the game center leaderboards.

Overall as noted above, Block Amok is a game I will be playing on a daily basis for quite some time. With the amount of content and fun in this puzzle game it's to difficult to put down as you just want to continue to progress through the game. With all the customizing you can do by earning different sheep characters, vehicles, and weapons it's just a blast to unlock and try it as many as possible. Make sure to click the iTunes link below and download Block Amok today for FREE and leave us your feedback on what you think of the game in the comment area below.

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App Details
Price: FREE
Version: 1.21
Size: 59.4 MB
Store Category: Games

Developer: mominis
Website:Click Here

App Link: Available on iTunes App Store

Developers Description

As a sheep you drive trains, smash structures, solve puzzles, and shoot silly cows right in the face!
BLOCK AMOK is a cartoony puzzle smashing game, with addictive gameplay and awesome vehicles to drive. It is easy to learn, but hard to master!
Try it now for FREE!

Block Amok is about smashing structures - an endless amount of them! The crazy block structures change constantly, creating a new puzzle every time. You too can smash like a sheep! Sheep love smashing block puzzles, especially when given supply crates for extra demolition!
The cows that graze in the field might help you solve the puzzle and demolish the level! You only have a limited amount of shots, so take aim before you shoot! Unless you have the Gatling Gun - then just shoot like crazy!

******* BLOCK AMOK INCLUDES *******

- Endless Destruction with an unlimited amount of randomly generated levels and puzzles!
- Powerful new weapons on each vehicle!
- Complete a handcrafted puzzle every day to win incredible rewards!
- Jump right into the game after a super short tutorial!
- Different sheep characters and vehicles to suit your smashing style!
- Game Center Leaderboards! Compete with your friends and send them delicious bacon!
- Smash rare Piggy Banks for grand rewards!
- ...and of course cardboard cows you can shoot right in the face!
So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

PLEASE NOTE: Block Amok is only compatible with iPhone 4S and upwards, iPod Touch 5th generation and iPad 2/Mini & upwards.

Send us a mail with suggestions/feedback/questions at and we will help you with any issues you might be having.

This application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply.

This game includes:
- The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.
- Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page.
- Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.

mominis Web SiteBlock Amok Support

What's New in Version 1.21

Bug fixes in 1.2.1
- Fixed issues with missions not saving progress
- Fewer ads
- Fixed translation errors

What's new:
- Awesome new rewards in Adventure mode - Super Piggybanks, Power Shots, sheep and more!
- New sheep joins the herd, a delightful farmer and a dangerous ninja, each with their own ability!
- New powerful vehicle, the Juggernaut, with triple shots!
- Block Amok is now available in 10 languages!
- Performance optimization and bug fixes