Rush Hour Mayhem

Rush Hour Mayhem

Posted on October 02, 2015 Rush hour Mayhem is a 2d car racing game, this have revolutionized the idea of the old racing game in which you have to change your lanes to avoid car crashing, usually played in pc's and one of the most top rated and likely games. While in this game you have more control, as you can turn the music on and off, you can also control background music. Then there's a range of cars from which you can select the one you liked best. You can also buy more cars using points that you will get after playing the game. While in the game play There are multiple cars in the straight road, and you can move your car by the left, right jets, you have to avoid obstacles, make fires on the other cars, to make them destroy, they are many other objects like cow's, trees, tanks and a lot more. The best thing is during your play you can collect money bundles, and power boosters that give you more points. Its really interesting to play, specially the children's would love to, as its very simple and effective. Not to mention the app is free and in order to unlock certain cars all you have to do is to play this game to score high and get XP, points to buy stuff. Well in short its a great job by the developer with loads of fun for all. You can get it at:

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App Details
Price: $0.99
Version: 1.7
Size: 14 MB
Store Category: Racing

Developer: Monster Finger Games
Website:Click Here

App Link: Available on Google Play

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Developers Description
New lower price! If you like extreme crashes, awesome explosions, flying trees and the odd airborne Pensioner or cow then Rush Hour Mayhem is for you! Prepare for a crazy highway thrill on your Mobile Device, driving in one direction has never been so insane! Play this car traffic racer driving game that some people are calling the next flappy bird rage game which ranked high in the charts in 2015 in the racing games category, earn rewards as you gain XP to get new items and cars, be careful not to run into the tanks, they are pretty solid. A combination of old school top down driving titles mixed with over the top crazy power ups, all combined with great pixel graphics. Features and Highlights:
  • Innovative 2nd chance mechanic control the drift to survive
  • 27 mental vehicles to choose from (spaceship, bus, sports car, pig and more) (2 in demo)
  • Addictive, fun one more try game play
  • Crisp retro pixel art 16 bit style graphics like the greatest hits of yesteryear
  • Fire everything, breakfast, goats, lasers, cows, swords and more
  • Environmental destruction
  • Use special traffic, Cows and the elderly for big scores
  • Simple smooth and precise controls
  • 5+ insane Power Ups including an UFO Abduction, Cow Launcher, Tornado, nuclear fallout...even fish!
  • Randomized traffic means its different each time you play
So what are you waiting for? do you have the x factor needed to unlock all the rewards and become the best traffic racer in the world?